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The Staples survey is just what you need to reach out to Staples customer care and inform them about your experience. Regardless if you filled out the Staples Cares survey or the Staples Survey UK version at, you can rest assured that your feedback has reached the proper management team. In our Staples Survey Guide, we’ll tell you how you can complete the Staples Cares survey, how you know if you’re eligible and what rewards you can enjoy at the end.

Staples Survey Rewards

The Staples survey is highly sought-after by customers, mostly owing to its attractive rewards. Even though customers don’t have a guaranteed prize at the end of completing Staples Cares, they do have the chance of winning a substantial one. Staples Cares goes hand in hand with the Staples survey sweepstakes, which offers a monthly grand prize that will leave customers in awe. If you are one of the very lucky winners of the Staples sweepstakes, you will enjoy a $5,000 gift card. The Staples Cares gift card can be used to purchase items with this value at Staples locations.

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The survey for UK residents works with a similar structure, meaning that they offer customers a sweepstakes entry upon completion. Even though the monthly grand prize isn’t as big as the Staples Cares US survey, customers will still be able to enjoy a nice gift card if they win. Those who win the sweepstakes receive a gift card valued at £500 that they can use at Staples locations.

Nevertheless, restrictions and requirements apply for the Staples survey, no matter if you’re taking it in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Staples Survey Requirements

The Staples Cares survey sweepstakes is the main reason why several legal requirements need to be checked off before completing the Staples survey. Participants need to be at least 21 years old to be eligible and a legal resident of the United States and Washington, D.C. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands do not apply. The UK Staples survey requires participants to be at least 18 to participate and a legal resident of the United Kingdom. What both Staples survey versions have in common is that participants cannot be employees of Staples, nor can they be relatives or affiliates. The full Staples Cares sweepstakes rules can be consulted here, while the UK Staples survey regulations can be accessed here.

Both Staples survey options are open only to customers who bought products from Staples locations. This is the reason why all participants will need to have the receipt from their most recent visit to a Staples store. The aim of Staples Cares and the UK survey for Staples is to collect feedback from individuals who actually purchased items from their stores, so they know that their opinion is valid.

All participants will also need a computer connected to the internet to fill out Staples Cares or the UK Staples Survey. You can also take the Staples survey from a mobile device – like a smart phone or a tablet – but a laptop or desktop computer involves less hassle.

us staples survey site screenshot

The Staples survey for American participants should look like this. Please note that it is not currently being conducted.

uk staples survey web page screenshot

This image shows how the active Staples survey page should look like, available for residents of the United Kingdom.

Staples Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

If you are of age, a legal resident of the United States or United Kingdom and a recent customer of Staples, you can start taking the survey. However, before you get started, we recommend that you get your receipt so you don’t have to waste time searching for it.

We’re sorry to inform United States participants that the Staples Cares survey is not being conducted at the moment. Nonetheless, you can keep the link and check back from time to time to see if it’s active again. We have included a screenshot above so you can see how the US Staples survey page looked like before. It might look the same when they reactivate it.

As a result, we will proceed with instructions for the UK survey. Even if you’re a United States resident, you can take a look at the steps, as they greatly resemble the ones for the US Staples survey. If you’re ready to go, do the following:

  • Go to the official UK Staples survey website at You can click this link, it will help you get there quick.
  • Once you’re on the page, check to see if it looks like the UK Staples survey screenshot we have included above. You will see that participants are welcomed by the Staples team and informed about the Staples survey rewards. Before starting, you can check out the three links for Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy or Winner’s List. You should also jot down the Staples customer support email address, in case you experience any troubles. Click the Next button to begin the Staples survey.
  • To verify that you are genuinely a Staples customer, you need to provide several pieces of information from your receipt. First of all, type in the store number. It should be in the top left corner of your receipt. In the sample receipt on the survey page, it is highlighted in green. As you can see, it contains four digits.
  • After that, include the register number. You should be able to easily find it directly next to the store number on your receipt. Look for it on the example image in red.
  • The transaction (Tran.) number is then required. It is the next one in line after the store and register number, highlighted in blue in the example.
  • Provide the full date and time printed on your receipt, outlined in orange and purple.
  • After you fill out all these verification details, press Next.
  • Answer the questions in the survey, by commenting on or rating various products, services or other aspects related to your customer experience. You can feel free to let the Staples management team know about any positive or negative parts of your customer experience.
  • When you’re done, you’ll be offered the opportunity to enter the Staples sweepstakes.

We hope you enjoyed our Staples Survey Guide and we hope you’ll win one of the gift cards!

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