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If you recently got a haircut at Sports Clips Las Vegas or any other one of their locations, feel free to take the Sport Clips Survey to let them know about your experience. If this is the first time you have ever taken the Sports Clips survey, you can look into our Sport Clips Survey Guide for all the details you need for filling it out properly. Explore the Sport rewards, requirements and a full set of steps and tips to help you with the process.

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Sport Clips Survey Rewards

In most cases, companies that conduct surveys offer some form of incentive for customers so they can be excited about completing the questionnaire. Both businesses and customers know how important feedback is, so usually a discount, free item or a sweepstakes entry comes attached with the survey. However, this is unfortunately not the case for the survey. At a glance, customers don’t get any vouchers or validation codes for their time. For quite a few individuals, this might seem like a clear downside to the Sport Clips survey. Others might directly state that it is not worth their time. Nevertheless, there will definitely be customers who realize what the true reward of the Sport Clips survey is.

With such a unique concept, www.sportclips .com has succeeded in attracting a strong target, with happy customers that keep coming back time and time again. Partly owing to the fact that the idea of getting a haircut while watching your favorite sports game sounds awesome, partly owing to the special attention they pay to customers and their experience. As a result, the is really the best tool you can use as a customer to get your message across. No matter if you had a great time or if you have some suggestions you want to communicate, the Sport Clips survey is the most efficient way to do so. In time, you will start enjoying even better services thanks to your own www.sportsclips .com feedback.

Sport Clips Survey Requirements

Even though there aren’t any physical rewards at hand, there are still a few requirements that need to be kept in mind for those who are planning on completing the Sport Clips survey. The questionnaire is not open to all, as the company is interested in getting opinions only from people who bought their services. You can take the Sport Clips survey if you recently visited one of their numerous locations (more than 1,500, to be precise) and still have the receipt from your visit. To validate your participation, you need to enter various details from your receipt on the Sport Clips survey website.

Without your receipt, you won’t be able to participate in the Sport Clips survey at all. If you want to know about the Sport Clips locations in your area, you can use their online store locator. To access it, go to and scroll down a bit on the homepage. On the left side of your screen, use the blank search box to look for the stores in your city. For example, if you are interested in Sport Clips Las Vegas locations, simply write Las Vegas or your specific ZIP code. Based on your search criteria, you will receive a full list of Sport Clips locations nearby.

Sport Clips survey page screenshot

This is what the Sport Clips survey portal should look like.

Sport Clips Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Whenever you are ready to start taking the Sport Clips survey, check that you have your receipt close to you. You should also be connected to a device with internet access, as the Sport Clips survey takes place online. When you are ready to get started with the survey, start following these steps:

  • Visit the official Sport Clips survey site at You can type the link in by hand or copy and paste it into your internet browser, but we encourage you to click our link. You can use one of the first two options only in case your favorite web browser isn’t set as default on your computer.
  • To verify that you are on the correct page, look at the screenshot above. Begin the process by entering your Store code in the first blank field. The code should be easily found on your receipt.
  • After that, enter your Receipt number (rec #). Similarly, it can be detected on your receipt.
  • Select your Date of purchase from the interactive calendar on your page. Make sure that you have the day, month and year all checked off.
  • Now start providing your contact details. The first field requires your First Name.
  • Follow up with your Last Name.
  • Enter your Email address. Please provide a valid address so Sport Clips can contact you if needed regarding your survey answers.
  • Type your email address again for confirmation.
  • Optionally, enter your phone number. If you only prefer being contacted via email, you can leave this box empty.
  • Click the grey Submit
  • Follow any other steps that might appear on your screen regarding the Sport Clips survey. You can rest assured that your feedback will reach the appropriate professionals.

Sport Clips Information

Sport Clips is a unique concept franchise that combines the benefits of getting your hair cut with watching the sports games of your choice. There are currently more than 1,500 Sport Clips locations throughout the United States, and the number is constantly on the rise. The official website for the company is You can use the website to search for Sport Clips in your neighborhood and check out their full list of products and services. In addition, you can look into promotions, partnerships, careers and even the details for becoming a store owner.

If you want to connect with Sport Clips, you can follow them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram or YouTube. To contact the company, please use their online form available here: Make sure that you include your full name, email address, phone number, address and comments before submitting. To get in touch via telephone, call 800 872 4247.

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