Panda Express Survey Guide

Updated in May 2018.

If you have recently visited a Panda Express restaurant, you may have received a receipt containing a Panda Express survey invitation. The survey allows Panda Express to gather feedback from their customers.

If you are interested in taking the Panda Express survey, this guide will provide instructions for the survey, survey requirements and details regarding the Panda Express survey rewards. And the end of this guide, you can also find contact details for the Panda Express customer service department.

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Panda Express Survey Rewards

The Panda Express survey reward consists of a Panda Express coupon code. To redeem the Panda Express survey coupon, you will need a Panda Express receipt. You will need the receipt firstly to access the survey. You will also need it to write down the coupon code. The Panda Express coupon code will appear on screen after you complete the survey.

After you write the code on your receipt, you will have to bring it with you to the participating Panda Express locations. Present the receipt as you would any Panda Express coupon to redeem the offer. The value of the offer is printed on the receipt, near the area where you have to write the code.

Panda Express Survey Requirements

To access the Panda Express survey, you will need to have your Panda Express receipt. Before you can start answering the survey questions, you will need to provide some identification information about your visit. This will include the Panda Express restaurant number, the number of your order and the time and date of your visit. All of this information is contained on your receipt.

You will also need this Panda Express receipt to write down and redeem the Panda Express survey reward, as mentioned above.

To go through the Panda Express feedback survey you will also need a device connected to the internet, as you can take the Panda Express feedback survey only online, at If all is well, you can continue with your Panda Express feedback survey.

panda express survey website screenshot

This is how the Panda Express survey page looks like.

Panda Express Survey: How to Complete It

The Panda Express feedback survey can be accessed at the official website, Make sure you have your Panda Express feedback survey receipt code at hand before you start:

  1. Start the Panda Express guest survey by going to
  2. You will be redirected to the Panda Express survey website. To begin, enter the Panda Express store number printed on the top side of your receipt. The store number should be made of either four or five digits.
  3. Confirm the address of the Panda Express restaurant you went to.
  4. After that, you need to enter your order number. You can find it on the top left side of your receipt.
  5. Next, you will have to fill in the date and time you were served; both can be found on your receipt.
  6. Continue your Panda Express survey with your order type: dine in, take out or drive thru.
  7. Answer the question regarding your experience at Panda Express and your satisfaction with Panda Express customer service.
  8. Provide reasons for your ratings if prompted.
  9. You can leave a comment regarding your experience. This is optional, however.
  10. At the end you will receive your Panda Express survey coupon code to use during your next visit.

Panda Express Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Links

In order to take the Panda Express feedback survey you need to have both cookies and JavaScript enabled. If either of them are disabled, the Panda Express survey might not work. You can enable both cookies and JavaScript from your browser’s settings tab.

If you want to leave Panda Express feedback without taking the survey, you can do so by going to their contact page. You can find the contact page on their website, at

If you want to find out about Panda Express special offers, menus and deals, we recommend you sign up on their website. Go to Fill in the form and tick the box on the bottom of the screen, thus agreeing to receive news about Panda Express offers.

In case you want to find a Panda Express location near you, you can use the Panda Express restaurant locator tool on their official website.


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