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Have you ever been to a Pizza Hut restaurant and felt that your experience could be improved? Now you can make your voice heard with the TellPizzaHut survey you can find at In this guide, we will offer you instructions on the Pizza Hut survey, survey requirements, and how to reap the TellPizzaHut survey reward.

At the end of our article here, you can find Pizza Hut customer service contact details, so you may have an alternative method of leaving them feedback.

TellPizzaHut Survey Rewards

After completing the TellPizzaHut survey you will be invited to enter the Pizza Hut sweepstakes draw. Every day, one participant could receive a $1,000 (€1,000 Euro) prize. There are also three weekly prizes of $500 (€500) each.

To enter the Pizza Hut survey sweepstakes draw, you will have to answer to all the mandatory survey questions. You will then be asked if you would like to enter the sweepstakes and requested to fill in your personal contact information of the answer is yes. This information will be used to get in touch if you win the Pizza Hut sweepstakes prize.

The PizzaHut sweepstakes draw is open to residents of the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Honduras, the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and South Korea. Sweepstakes participants must be at least 18 years old or above, depending on the legal age of the country or state they live in. For more information regarding the sweepstakes rules, consult the Terms and Conditions page at

TellPizzaHut Survey Requirements

To participate in the Pizza Hut survey, there are several requirements you need to meet. First, you need a Pizza Hut survey entry code. There are two ways in which you can obtain one.

  • If you have recently visited a Pizza Hut restaurant, you should have a Pizza Hut survey code printed at the bottom of your receipt.
  • If you ordered a Pizza Hut menu online, you should have the TellPizzaHut survey code in your email.

The survey code is valid for 48 hours. If you don’t use it within that time frame, the code will expire and you’ll need a new one.

If you have a Pizza Hut receipt, but it doesn’t feature a TellPizzaHut survey code, you can enter the survey by using the Pizza Hut restaurant number instead of the survey code.

You have to be at least 18 years old or older to participate in the survey and enter the Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes as well. For the sweepstakes, you need to be of legal age in the state in which you are participating. You must also be a legal resident of the US state or country allowed to enter the sweepstakes draw. In some states, you might also be required to pass a skill test.

You can find the full list of rules and requirements for the Pizza Hut Sweepstakes at, under the Terms and Conditions tab.

tellpizzahut pizza hut survey site screenshot

The home page of the Pizza Hut survey portal looks like this.

TellPizzaHut Survey: How to Complete It, Steps and Tips

Follow these steps to complete the TellPizzaHut survey:

  1. Go to the official Pizza Hut survey website at
  2. Enter your Pizza Hut survey code in the empty field on the screen.
  3. If you can’t find a code on the receipt you have, you can use the restaurant number.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Provide both the date and time at which you made your purchase from Pizza Hut. You can find this information on your receipt.
  6. Optionally, enter your ticket number.
  7. Go through all of the questions in the Pizza Hut survey. The questions will be related to Pizza Hut products, Pizza Hut locations, your experience with Pizza Hut, and so on.
  8. Provide your email address and other relevant contact information so that you can be notified if you win the TellPizzaHut sweepstakes.

TellPizzaHut Survey Completion Troubleshooting and Useful Links

Before taking the Pizza Hut survey, check the date on your receipt to make sure the survey code is still valid.

The TellPizzaHut survey website requires cookies and JavaScript to be enabled for it to work properly. To turn on cookies for, go to your browser’s security settings tab and create an exception for

Bear in mind that Pizza Hut sometimes pauses the survey, as they sort through the customer experience data already collected. You may find the website inactive, or not registering the information you provide.

If you have any other issues with the Pizza Hut survey, or if you want to contact Pizza Hut for something that isn’t covered by the survey, you can call their customer service department at 1-800-948-8488. You can also fill in their email contact form.

A third option would be to contact your local Pizza Hut. To find out the contact details of your local Pizza Hut, use their Pizza Hut Store Locator.

If you’d rather connect with them on social media, visit the Pizza Hut Twitter page or check out the Pizza Hut Facebook page.


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